Voyage dans la lune 2.0

article published in ADATO #2_19


with Anna Lerchbaumer

Museum of Natural History

Vienna, 2018

périple #2, microsoundscape, installation as presented for Hypodens exhibition, Vienna,

August 2017

ADATO 1_17

issue on architecture and water, fresh from

the printer and featuring my piece "progress"

a viable alternative version 2.0

périple, microsoundscape installation

presented at the exhibition

Information through sound [dis]placement

Citygate, Vienna, june 2016

poster for our exhibition and book

presentation at the Essence17,

June 2017, Vienna

'Once we have accepted the catastrophe is unavoidable, then we need to project ourselves in it to identify the most appropriate course of action. In this imaginary projection, we are urged to act as if the calamity has already happened and then proceed to re-engineer

the past in such a way that the fateful possibilities can

be undone.'

Jean-Pierre Dupuy,

“Pour un catastrophisme éclairé”

recommenced repetitions

'structure as hell'

curated by Esther Stocker

est_projects, Vienna, 2020

Installation as stage design for "Ein Staatenloser". With Alireza Daryanavard and Klaus Karlbauer, 

Vienna 2019.

ADATO 1_18

issue on architecture and circus


upcoming exhibition curated by Esther Mlenek, Vernisage 29th of August 2017,

Burggasse 21, Vienna


Enactments on heterogeneous relationships.

Publication for the department of Art & Science

University of Applied Arts Vienna

June 2017


-when you invent the ship ,

you also invent the shipwreck-

text and illustrations for upcoming publication

...a contraption with its own choreography,

a theatre machine

an assembly line,

a printer,

a puppet master,

a potential...


'Η αιωνιότητα των ξαναρχινισμένων επαναλήψεων'

interactive installation, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,  October 2015

the interview

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