// architecture + scenography + research  

Common Ground

a project by Verena Rauch, Walter Prenner,
Xotil Natke & Eleni Boutsika Palles
aut_architektur & tirol, 2021.

For the exhibition Potenziale3 we teamed up with Walter Prenner, Verena Rauch and Xotil Natke, to create an installation, where our individual research topics come together in a full-scale experiment as contra-position to the idea of linear urban processes.

The installation is a good example of a ‘scenographic’ design approach, which pursuits a more abstract way of making space, allowing for more corporeal experimentation as well as doubt and hesitation while creating, developing or imagining a space. Unlike architecture, scenography works most of the times like a big, flexible model, easy to alter and modify.

Within the exhibition landscape, two parallel videos were playing, the one on the screen and the second one mapped on the platform and the visitor could walk around with wireless headphones exploring the potential of the landscape and of his own physicality.


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