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My research focuses on the theory and design of multi-sensory, interactive and narrative environments, whether physical or virtual, including exhibits, performative settings and urban landscapes.

working on my dissertation:
scenography as situated urban practice

In its contemporary reading, scenography is the fertile terrain where the disciplines of theatre, exhibition, installation, media and architecture cross-pollinate to formulate speculative spaces of potentiality.

My dissertation puts scenography’s methods into practice within an urban context:
from scripting and performing, to embracing the ephemeral and the fake, urban scenography can promote projects that aim at involvement, while creating new urban landscapes between reality and fiction.

Having a professional and academic background in architecture, scenography and urbanism, my practice forges new connections between these disciplines and explores their potential in the making of public space.

These connections allow for the conceptualization and construction of space as a situated practice, where architectural design is not strictly confined within the boundaries of building, but maybe closer to visual literature or philosophy; a method for analysing spatial concepts and their relationship to behaviour, perception, observation and imagination.