Welcome Home Hubble

with Anna Lerchbaumer


Video installation for the exhibition 'Our Place in Space'  at the Natural History Museum of Vienna

June-November 2018

The infamous Hubble Space Telescope is estimated to have reached its useful life by the year 2024. Its controlled reentry into the atmosphere and the details and consequences of this mission inspired this artwork.

The video installation stages a speculative narrative featuring the Hubble as a technological pop star. A glimpse into the future is set a few years after its reentry and follows surviving parts that were retrieved on the shores of Vanuatu islands.

How do they form the site where they are found? What is their economical, cultural and political value? Can these be kept as souvenirs?

Selected sources for potential scientific additions: https://cor.gsfc.nasa.gov/studies/ Early_Study_of_Disposal_HST_Darmstadt_Final.pdf

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