photo by Jan Frankl

Eleni Boutsika_Palles _ architecture, art & research. 

Inspired by urban fabrics, terrain vague, transitional landscapes, early machines, urban and

social utopias, my practice travels back and forth between scenography and architecture.

Central to my creative practice are installations with a strong architectural character.

Spaces where time slows down and is altered, allowing fictional and historical narratives to blend

and merge with the viewer’s own experience and memory. As environments, they engage the

viewer both physically and psychically and encourage shifts in consciousness, as they create

transient worlds.

Since 2018 I work as a co-editor of the magazine ADATO.

Currently teaching at the department of architectural theory at the University of Innsbruck,

while working on my PhD research.

Born in Athens (GR), based in Vienna & Innsbruck (AT)

2015 - Arts and Science at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2010-2015 - Diploma in Scenography, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2002-2009 - Diploma in Architecture, NTU Athens

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